10 Shed looks we love

Sheds are hardworking elements of the garden, and they often might not get the recognition they deserve. They store essential equipment while also serving as a focal point of your garden and bringing colour and interest to your outdoor space. However, not all sheds are created equally. In order for your shed to be all that it can be, we recommend giving it a little TLC in the design department. Below you’ll find some shed looks we love, all of which can be created with Sadolin products. We recommend Sadolin Superdec for most of these looks. Superdec offers fantastic colour payoff and hardwearing protection. Read on to find out how you can elevate your shed game simply and spectacularly.

1. A blue and white shed creates a fresh coastal look: We love rich blues when paired with crisp whites and this look makes for a gorgeous coastal vibe.

2. A green shed will blend beautifully with its surrounds: Opt for a green shed in a nature-inspired green to complement your garden greenery and mix well with the environment around it.

3. Make your shed pop with a classic cherry red: We love red for doors and red for sheds! A classic red will really make your shed stand out and become a gorgeous feature in your garden.

4. Create a rustic look with natural wood tones: If you’re looking for a soft and natural shed, opt for a stain or a clear wood protector instead of a coloured paint. Why mess with perfection? We love the rustic yet chic style of this shed.

5. Brighten the look of your shed with window boxes: Dress up your shed and add more colour to your garden by adding window boxes with flowers to your shed. Choose flowers in colours that will complement the shade of your shed as well as the surrounding garden.

6. A subdued colour will create a soft look: A soft colour like a light grey will go great with most surrounds and will add lightness to your garden. A shed like this will help to open up your garden so it’s especially nice when space is tight.

7. Give your shed a contrasting trim for a polished look that will pop: Your shed will look wonderfully put together with a perfectly paired trim. We love how this shed combines a soft neutral and a woodsy green for a natural look that still stands out.

8. Go bold with bright colours: Take some inspiration from these brightly-coloured beach sheds and take the plunge with some vivid shades that will create a unique feature piece in your garden.

9. Think pink: Pink and green go great together, so it’s no surprise that a pretty pink shed will look stunning in your back garden. This shed was colourmixed in our Superdec formula to shade X0571D and sits in the garden of Crown Style Guide Saara McLoughlin.

 10. A brown shed is great for those wanting a polished and simple look: This brown shed is simple and unfussy and will blend seamlessly with your garden. Brown is a lovely neutral, especially where your exteriors are concerned.

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