2018 Garden design trends

As hard as it is to believe it—2018 is here, and in full swing! The new year brings with it a plethora of exciting trends for your exteriors. The following post includes some of our favourite ideas for your garden, one of the most important spaces of your home.

Mix your flowers and plants: Don’t be afraid to get wild with your plants! This year, homeowners are moving away from the uniformed look by combining numerous different plants within the same container or garden region. This will give you a tapestry that’s rich in colour and texture, and will add interest to your outdoor space.

Focus on handcrafted features: Mass produced items are readily available and therefore, it’s easy to forget just how beautiful handmade craftsmanship can be. This year, try to feature a unique, handmade item in your garden to add a personal touch. You can also repaint and/or repurpose old furniture to achieve that same look.

Take your living room outside: Open-air seating rooms are all the rage this year, and we can certainly understand why. Creating a comfortable lounging area in your garden will give you and your guests the perfect place to sit and relax on sunny days and clear evenings. Think of this area as an extension of your interiors and opt for cosy couches and plush chairs (with waterproof outdoor fabrics, of course!). We recommend installing an overhead canopy or pergola for when it rains (this is Ireland, after all).

Make your pathway a mosaic: Mosaics instantly spruce up any space with their beauty. Not only are these lovely to look at—they are purposeful, to! Whether you opt for intriguing tiles, sumptuous swirls, or a classic stone creation, a mosaic pathway will revive your garden, adding an artistic touch and an injection of interest. We recommend going for something colourful and bold this season!

Create a garden oasis: We suggest turning an area of your garden into a place where you can go to meditate, reflect, or simply relax and have some time to yourself. This will not only look charming, but it will create a useful private sanctuary in your very own home. Add a bench or swing, plant some flowers and accessorise with things such as a bird bath, bird feeder, trellis, wind chimes, etc.

Grow your own food: Have some fun in your garden while nourishing your family, too! Organic and locally-grown produce is always a good idea, and this year—instead of buying your veggies—you can grow them yourself! It takes care and patience, but nothing beats the satisfaction you’ll feel when you can go out into your own garden and freshly pick some veggies for dinner!

Your garden should be one of the most important places in your home, and the above suggestions will help make it so. By following our advice, your exteriors will be beautiful, purposeful, and ever so stylish. For more expert tips, call into your local Sadolin stockist or visit us on the web.


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