Five ways to rejuvenate your old wooden furniture

Rehab the natural wood
Natural wood, when lovingly finished, is beautiful to look at. Many pieces that have been neglected over the years are still able to be returned to their former lustre in just a few easy steps: cleaning, prepping, staining and sealing. Where a varnish is present, this should be removed completely before proceeding. Clean the timber with a lint free cloth soaked in methylated spirits to remove dirt and grime. Gently abrade along the grain then clean off any dust. Revive the timber with a water based interior wood stain and for extra durability finish off with polyurethane varnish to enhance natural beauty while protecting it down the line.

Paint it a new colour
While traditional wood stains are fantastic for a more rustic look, water based opaque wood coatings are perfect for when your furniture needs an additional “pop”. Old pieces can be immediately transformed with a fresh coat of paint. For that additional wow factor, consider giving old furniture a new lease on life with an exciting new colour from the extended colour mixed offer. Turn ordinary furniture into extraordinary conversation pieces by choosing a captivating shade.

Give it a new purpose
If your decor is looking drab, it may be time to change things up. Older furniture is often overlooked, but has the potential to become a fantastic focal point in a new role. Instead of the same tired arrangement, give your well-loved pieces a new purpose and freshen up the vibe of your decor in the process. For example: an old chest may make a great coffee table, a hutch is easily transformed into movable bookshelves, and wooden chairs or stools may be repurposed as end tables.

Bring furniture outside
If your furniture is feeling lacklustre inside your home, perhaps it’s time for a change of scenery! Indoor timber tables, chairs and benches are easily transitioned into outdoor pieces with a durable coat of exterior wood stains or opaque wood coatings. With the warmer weather on its way, it would be lovely to get some new garden furniture to welcome friends and family. Luckily, you may not have to look any further than your living room or shed to find items that are just begging to see the sun and enjoy the fresh air!

Accessorise it
The right accessories can make all the difference, even when it comes to your older furniture. Refresh the look of any piece by styling it to perfection. That old wooden chair would look much more appealing with a soft rug draped across it, or those beloved timber bookshelves could really be revived with thoughtful placement of relevant design elements. Make that old table glisten with candles or fresh flowers, while that bench will come to life with a few pillows strewn across it.

Thoughtful consideration of your decor will allow you to revitalize your furniture—and your home. For more advice on everything timber-related, call into your local Sadolin stockist or visit us on the web.

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