Cleaning your interior timber furniture safely and effectively

Your interior timber endures plenty of wear and tear over time and during the wetter winter months they face even more damage. In order to properly maintain your wooden surfaces, it’s crucial to clean them from time to time and treat them with a product that will nourish and protect. Plus, they’ll look amazing!

The following blog includes some of our tips for cleaning interior timber safely and effectively.

1. Dust the surface: Before you clean your timber, be sure to clear the area of clutter and of dust or particles. If you try and clean the wood without dusting it, tiny particles can get trapped and end up abrading the surface.

2. Mix your solution: Use a solution of mild dishwashing soap or detergent diluted in plenty of luke warm water.

3. Use a microfiber cloth to gently clean: Dip your microfiber cloth into your solution and first test the solution on an area of the furniture you’ll be cleaning to make sure it doesn’t remove any of the finish or cause any other issues. If it’s safe, dampen your cloth and very gently clean the rest of the surface. Don’t wet your cloth too much as you don’t ever want the wood to be soaking in water.

4. Use methylated spirit for tougher jobs: For timber furniture with more ingrained grime, use a methylated spirit for a deeper clean. Never use a white spirit as this will leave a greasy residue. Work in a well ventilated area while doing this and again, test a small area of the surface with the formula to ensure it’s ok before doing the rest. Read the instructions on the bottle. Use another microfiber cloth with the mineral spirits and gently wipe down the area.

5. Dry the furniture: Use a clean microfiber cloth to dry the furniture once you’ve used your liquid cleaning solution. Again, you don’t ever want wood to be sitting in liquid for any length of time so be sure to dry thoroughly.

6, Enhance and protect with a wood-loving formula: It is now time to apply any oils or other finishes to your newly cleaned furniture if needed. Always read the instructions and follow those as these will vary based on the product you choose. Find our range of products for interior wood here.


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