Create a rustic escape with these wood elements

Being big fans of wood, we’re also fans of styles that really embrace wood in all its glory. The rustic style is one of our favourites, and this style wouldn’t be complete without wooden elements. If you want to create a rustic escape within your home, the below recommendations regarding wooden pieces will help you to do so.

1. A natural wooden dining table: A wooden dining table is one of the key features within a rustic space. In addition to providing an inviting space to eat, the dining table is a place to congregate and socialise, prepare meals, conduct work, and relax. To get the rustic look, opt for a natural or raw wood table in a primitive/simple design. Think your classic farmhouse or slab table. Natural wooden coffee tables, consoles, and side tables are also excellent options for rustic additions to your home. Like all wooden surfaces in your home, make sure your wooden tables are properly cared for. We recommend our Quick Drying Wood Preserver to keep your timber protected.


2. Accessorise with a wooden ladder: If you want to add an interesting feature piece to a room that will support the rustic theme, look no further than a wooden ladder. We love wooden ladders placed by bookshelves, fireplaces, or simply up against a wall that might be a little sparse. In addition to being rustically stylish, wooden ladders are functional. Drape blankets over the rungs, hang coats or other garments, or create a seasonal display with various design elements.


3. Make a statement with a large wooden mirror: We love a good statement mirror and a wooden mirror will help promote the rustic vibe while providing a nice focal point for the room (not to mention a perfect place to admire your gorgeous self!).


4. Stack logs for a rustic cabin feel: Bring that log cabin feel into your home quickly and simply by stacking some wooden logs. Place these in a basket, stack them on a shelf, or simply have them perched on top of one another by your fireplace to instantly cosy up your space!


5. Store accessories on open wooden shelves: Whether you want a rustic kitchen or are looking to create a rustic sanctuary elsewhere in the home, wooden shelves will help keep your possessions organised and beautifully displayed. For a rustic look in the kitchen, use wood shelves/open wood cabinets to keep plates, glasses, pots and pans, and other kitchen utensils. For elsewhere around the house, natural wooden shelves will provide a great home to books, artwork, potted plants, and other accessories. Our Polyurethane Extra Durable Varnish will keep your wooden surfaces protected against scuffs and knocks and looking beautiful.

If you love wood as much as we do, choose our quality products to protect your wood and keep it looking fabulous for years and years to come. For more timber inspiration, visit our blog or call into your local Sadolin stockist!

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