Create the perfect outdoor dining experience

It’s nearing August, and — if you’re like us— you’re going to squeeze every bit of sunshine out of this summer season (and the upcoming bank holiday weekend!). Dining al fresco is one of our favourite things to do this time of the year. However, it’s essential to have the right elements in place. The following blog post will give you some useful tips on how you can make the most of these warmer days and create the perfect outdoor dining experience!

Start with a sturdy table and some comfy chairs: Nothing ruins a meal like a rickety table or some uncomfortable seating. If you want family and guests to relax and enjoy the food (and the company), it’s essential that you make it easy for them to do so! As far as we’re concerned, nothing beats a beautiful wooden table and chairs— especially when they’re protected with Sadolin products. If you want to add extra coziness, place cushions on the chairs and have a few spare blankets at the ready, for cooler evenings. If you want your table and chairs to really pop, consider painting them with one of our vibrant colours!

Ensure proper lighting: As a general rule of thumb, people like to see what they’re eating. Ensure that there is an ample light source for your dining area so that, regardless of the time of day, you can eat outdoors. We especially love the way candlelight looks on a dinner table, and purchasing citronella candles will not only make the area glow, it will keep the bugs away! 

Have an umbrella ready for sunny days: As much as we love the sun, it’s not always enjoyable to sit in direct sunlight for long periods of time. Having a table with an umbrella or some type of shade source is a wise idea if you want to eat outside during the daylight hours. It will also keep the heat at bay and give your coleslaw and potato salad some respite from the rays. It will also protect you from light rainfall, if the clouds come in (which they so often do in Ireland!). Still- that’s no reason to stop the party!

Add flowers and greenery to the area: If you’re dining in a garden, you want to feel like you’re in the garden. Take some time to incorporate natural elements around your table area, to add some extra style and charm to the design. These thoughtful touches will be appreciated by your diners and help your garden look more put-together overall.

Have a great centrepiece: Just like your indoor table, your outdoor table should have a centrepiece to complete the look and add interest to the whole dining experience. Why not cut some fresh flowers from your garden and put them on display? Remember to make the centrepiece sturdy enough to withstand the Irish winds! Placing rocks or other heavy fillers in the bottom of the vase will help with this.

Now, who’s hungry? We hope the above tips will be helpful for your summer festivities! Bon appetit! For more exterior decorating advice and everything you need to get started, call into your local Sadolin stockist. You can also visit us on the web.

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