Design essentials for the perfect BBQ

Now that springtime is here and the sunshine is out, you’re likely to be spending more and more time in your garden. Chances are you’ll also be enjoying a good few BBQs with friends and family this season. The following post covers the design essentials you should have in order to create the perfect outdoor cookout. Just add some delicious grilled food and you’re good to go!

A designated lounge area
It can be fun to stand around the grill, but it’s always good to have a place for guests to sit and converse away from the action. Some of us may love the smell of cooking meat, but the smoke from the BBQ isn’t so enticing if it’s constantly wafting in your face. Instead, create a seating area with outdoor chairs and benches. Consider painting them bright colours to add a pop of playfulness to your garden.

A dining table (and chairs)
BBQs can be messy, and having a table to feast at will help you avoid this. A table also makes the perfect place to put the condiments and side-dishes your guests can help themselves to, thus making your job that much easier! Gather guests around the table for a tasty, family-style meal in the sunshine. Again, a fresh coat of Sadolin Classic on your table will serve to beautify and protect it.

Proper lighting
With a few quick steps, you don’t have to let sundown mean the end of your outdoor festivities! Instead, keep your BBQ alive by lighting your garden with candles, lanterns, outdoor lamps and/or string lights! A cool summer evening in the garden is the ideal place to watch the sunset while enjoying a drink and conversing with friends. You can make the most of the fair weather by using light to take advantage of every last second of these precious days!

A fire or heater
This is Ireland, so the evenings are predictably cooler, even in the warmer months. A good host is always prepared, and the perfect BBQ includes ensuring your guests are comfortable. A contained fire, if permitted, brings ambiance to your garden while helping guests avoid the chill. Children of all ages will also love toasting marshmallows around the fire for a special, rustic dessert! If a fire isn’t possible, consider investing in an outdoor heater. Otherwise, wool rugs can provide a simple and affordable alternative.

A clear cut pathway
Some gardens can be overgrown and unruly. If this describes yours, its especially wise to create a pathway for your guests so that they don’t have to worry about forging their own (and can spend more time enjoying your food!). This will also help improve the “flow” of the BBQ by leading guests to their designated areas and helping them find their way indoors should they need to pop inside. Furthermore, pathways keep your beautiful plants and flowers from being trampled!

Are you ready to host the best BBQ in the history of BBQs? We’re guessing so!! For even more seasonal tips and expert design advice, visit your local Sandtex stockist or visit us on the web. Enjoy!

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