Exterior colours to brighten the darker nights

With the changing of seasons and the days getting shorter, our waking hours will be getting darker. We think that now’s the perfect time to enliven your exteriors with a dash of colour that will keep the summer spirit alive throughout the cooler months. The following blog post will cover some of our favourite colours for a brighter and brilliant exterior look. 

1. White: White is not only a classic colour in home design, it will increase the visibility of your exteriors too. White is great because it goes with essentially any trim/door colour, and plays well with other coloured accessories. It’s quite literally a blank slate, which can be built upon to create whatever style you’d like! Try our shade Superwhite for a classic fence that will make your exteriors look positively polished, and stupendously sharp.

2. Light Blue: Like the sky on a clear day, a stunning light blue colour will uplift your spirits (and the look of your home). There are plenty of gorgeous shades of blue to choose from, but for this purpose we especially love our shades Cirrus and Marina. Why not use one of these to create some gorgeous autumn-ready furnishings? Painting your current timber furniture won’t take long. Drape a red tartan blanket over your new blue set throughout the cooler months so you can sit and enjoy your garden in cosy comfort! 

3. Yellow: Make your exteriors shine like the sun with a happy yellow paint colour. Yellow will illuminate your home, whatever the time of day, and will look beautiful, whatever the time of year. Try our shades Mellow Yellow or California Gold for a hefty serving of Vitamin D. We recommend using yellow on your shed for a delightful dose of sunshine, right in your garden!

4. Cream: Just a little warmer and a touch darker than white, this classic and sophisticated colour will also work well to brighten your exteriors. If you really want to greatly impact the look of your exteriors, we suggest painting your deck and/or pathway a gorgeous cream colour. Our super tough Beautiflex is ideal for decking, offering up to 7 years protection and can be mixed in hundreds of colours.  

5. Green: Like the tiny buds that will appear in the spring, a soft green colour will vitalise your outdoor timber surfaces and breath new life into your exteriors. Green will blend seamlessly with the lush Irish landscape and look fabulous all year long. Try our shades Clover Leaf and Light Green for two stunning colours that are bound to please! Why not opt for a green timber bench for a tranquil perch from which to watch the leaves change and fall?!

Take on the following months in style with the above tips. If you’re ready to brighten your exterior surfaces, call into your local Sadolin stockist for everything you need to get started! 

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