Five stunning autumn garden looks to try

Summer is coming to a close, and autumn’s impending arrival means cooler weather, shorter days, and more nights spent by the fire. We love autumn, and the changing of the seasons provides the perfect opportunity to change your garden vibe. While the days of sun-soaked barbecues might be behind us, there are still plenty of reasons to update your outdoor space to an autumn-appropriate look. The following post covers five of our very favourite autumn garden looks for you to try.

1. Create a garden oasis: just because the temperatures aren’t as warm these days doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy the outdoors. Make the most of your garden by creating an area where people can sit by the fire and relax. This means usually obtaining a safe fire pit and making it the focal point by arranging garden furniture around it. For some extra pizazz, why not paint your garden furniture one of our favourite autumn colours? Deep reds, darker greens, and rich earth tones will really make your garden look ready for the season ahead. Be sure to protect furniture for the wetter months with our Quick Drying Wood Preserver!


2. Use mood lighting: implementing the right lighting is a surefire way to create a mood of ambiance. Because the days will be darkening quicker, you’ll also be relying on this lighting more. Instead of too-bright overheads and flood lights, use soft string lights, candles and lanterns to set the tone and complement your autumn vibes.


3. Refurb your planters: Since most of the flowers we see in spring and summer will have finished blooming naturally when autumn arrives, you can rely on your planters for a boost of lushness. Fill planters with colourful leaves of reds and greens, and autumn-ready flowers in seasonal shades. We love daisies, heleniums, lobelias, anemones, and lilies.


4. Make use of seasonal produce: Apples and pumpkins are plentiful during the autumn months, and will help convey the spirit of the season. Display these in outdoor centerpieces and decorative arrangements for an additional boost of autumn appeal. Apples and pumpkin seeds also make delicious snacks!


5. Use textiles for extra cosiness: With the temperatures dropping, spending time in your garden can get a little chilly if you’re not prepared. Having snuggle-ready blankets and plush pillows on your outdoor furniture will create a warm and inviting space for friends and family. These will look especially seasonal in deep colours and autumn-ready patterns such as tartan and florals. Spending time in the fresh air is a treat—but you’ll want to be well equipped for cooler days.

Just because the seasons are changing doesn’t mean your garden can’t still be used for enjoyment and entertaining. Follow the above tips for a seamless garden transition from summer to autumn. For more expert advice, call into your local Sadolin stockist or visit us on the web.


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