Five wooden exterior looks we love

With the warmer seasons now here, we’re focusing more and more on our exteriors. We want to make sure our exteriors are in top shape for the months ahead. Whether you’re hosting, having fun with family, or simply enjoying your sanctuary on your own, some care and attention will help ensure you get the very most of your outdoor space. Here, we’ll cover five gorgeous wooden exterior looks we love and let you know how to achieve them.

A natural toned wooden door: We are seeing a huge trend in people wanting to incorporate a more natural, earthy look inside and outside of their homes. One of the things you can do to accomplish this is use natural materials, and – of course—we recommend timber for this. To keep the rustic look and ensure the wood retains its natural beauty, we recommend just a light stain and/or simply a protective clear coat to shield your door from the elements and keep it looking great for years to come.

A colourful shed: Your shed is a great place to play with colour and add some brightness to your garden space. Crown Style Guide Bronagh of Fox Hollow Style recently transformed her shed with Sadolin Superdec in the shades Hudson Bay and Chalky Blue. Sadolin Superdec is a self priming and undercoating formulation that provides a highly durable opaque finish for exterior wood, masonry, weathered plastic, cladding & steel.

A wooden deck: Looking for an incredible place to sit and watch the summer sunsets? Enjoy a lovely lunch or dinner with friends? Have your morning cuppa? Host a family game night? Sounds like you’re in need of a deck! A timber deck adds another dimension to your exteriors as well as giving you an incredibly useful new space to relax on. If you’re fortunate to have a timber deck, make the most of yours over the summer months by ensuring it’s clean and protected. Our Decking Oil nourishes and enhances the natural beauty of wooden decks. The oil penetrates deep into the wood replacing decking’s natural oils. Decking Oil incorporates advanced UV technology containing UV light absorbers which offer superior levels of protection against degenerating UV rays. The product provides excellent weather protection and water repellency and resists mould and algal growth.

Colourful garden furniture: Want to add some interest to your garden? Have some fun and rejuvenate the look of your timber garden furniture with a fresh coat of paint in your favourite shade. A thoughtful paint job will help make your garden look put together as well as stylish. Best of all? The possibilities are absolutely endless! However bold you want to go, the sky’s the limit! Or if you want more of a rustic, natural look, we’ve got you covered there too.

A charming fence: A fence is functional and will add some quaint charm to your exteriors. Whether you’re looking for more privacy to help create a serene sanctuary, looking to close off or hide some areas of your exteriors, or simply want a fence for everything it brings from a design perspective, ensure your fence is protected with Sadolin Shed & Fence All Weather Barrier. This product forms a durable protective barrier against all weather conditions, including damaging UV rays and frost. Rainproof in 30 minutes ensures that even when there is a slight threat of rain you can protect rough sawn timber for up to 5 years.

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