How to ensure resilient floors this spring

Springtime in Ireland is fast approaching. We’ve almost made it through the dreary winter, and warmer weather will be here before we know it! However, with the longer days and increasing temps often come those infamous spring showers. While these showers aren’t unique to the island, they can bring pesky problems such as mud, puddles, and flooding. This precipitation can also wreak havoc on your wooden flooring. The following tips will help ensure your floors remain resilient through the springtime months, and beyond!

1. Have a designated area for wet shoes and coats: It’s best to contain damaging water and mud to a designated (and fully equipped!) area. Put down a waterproof and heavy-duty mat to keep your floors protected and to house your outdoor gear. Place this directly by your front/back door so you won’t track muck throughout the house.

2. Place fans around the house to circulate air:
Damp and wet are the worst enemies of your wooden floors, and helping to create a dry environment for your floors should be a priority. In order to keep air circulating through your house and your floors as healthy as possible, set fans around the home and turn them on frequently to get air flowing. This will help dry out any dampness within your flooring and give them the most hospitable atmosphere in which to thrive.

3. Be diligent about open windows: Windows are great for letting in fresh air, and lovely to have open during the spring. However, along with the soft breezes, windows can let in rainwater. This rainwater can collect on your wooden floors and cause damage over time. Because of this, it’s a good idea to keep your windows shut during rainy days, and check to make sure that there are no leaks or standing water. If anything does collect, be sure to wipe it up and dry it immediately.

4. Use a durable stain and varnish: Our Interior Stain and our Polyurethane Extra Durable Floor Varnish are a match made in heaven. These products will help keep your floors strong and prevent potentially dangerous elements from reaching your timber. Healthy floors begin with a quality foundation and these will give you just that. 

5. Minimise sun exposure: Sunlight, like wetness, has the potential to wreak havoc on your floors. Sunlight can lighten or darken timber colouring and make it more susceptible to other undesirable consequences. If possible, try and cover areas that get direct sunlight with rugs or furniture. 

Are your wooden floors in the best shape that they can be? Are they protected so that they can remain resilient throughout the springtime months, and beyond? Start your journey to healthy wooden flooring by calling into your local Sadolin stockist or visit us on the web


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