Incorporating wood into your bathroom

Wood seems like a magical material— is there anything it can’t do? We certainly think it’s an all-star around the house and can work well in any room, including the bathroom. Many people may shy away from wood when it comes to the loo, but as long as your wood is properly protected, there’s no reason why it wouldn’t make an excellent addition to even the wettest room in the house!

The following post tells you how to expertly incorporate wood into your bathroom.

Opt for a wooden vanity with your sink: A wooden vanity with a sink is practical as well as stylish. Wooden fixtures such as this will bring character to your bathroom, as well as warmth due to the natural wooden tones. From classic to contemporary, there are loads of sink styles that incorporate wood so you’re sure to find something for your tastes and budget.


Hang a wooden mirror: Investing in a natural wooden mirror for your bathroom is a simple way to incorporate wood into your space. A wooden mirror is perfect for the commitment-phobes, as mirrors can be easily replaced (and used elsewhere in the house!) should you want a change. Similar to wooden mirrors, wooden frames will also look excellent on the walls of your bathroom.


Don’t shy away from wooden floors: Many people may think that wooden floors in a bathroom is a no-no. However, if you’re doubtful about the strength and resilience of wood, just think of timber decking! Outdoor decks endure brutal rains, winds, and other harsh elements yet still manage to keep their good looks as well as their strength. The key to this is to suitably protect your wood, and to care for it properly. While wooden floors might not be quite as simple to care for as tiles, they are certainly manageable and are definitely a beautiful bathroom feature to have.


Install a wooden panel on one of your bathroom walls: We love a good feature wall when you want to add interest to a space, and a wooden panel accomplishes the same thing while bringing an earthy feel into the room. Wooden panels go well with essentially any type of fixtures and would suit a wide range of paint colours and/or wallpaper. Whether you’re going for a rustic retreat, a classic sanctuary, or a modern refuge, your wood panel can revitalise your loo and amplify your existing design.


Wooden accessories: For those who are looking for an inexpensive and completely non-permanent way to embrace natural wood within their bathroom, may we suggest using wooden accessories. This is a great tip for renters as well, who may not have as much freedom over what they can create. When it comes to wooden bathroom accessories, the possibilities are pretty expansive. Soap dispensers, trash bins, toothbrush holders, towel racks, storage shelves, soap holders, toilet roll holders, racks, mats, hooks, trays, etc are all readily available in natural wood finishes. These are great ways to get the look with less commitment. Accessories made from real wood should still be protected to ensure their longevity. Try our Polyurethane Extra Durable Varnish for protection against scuffs and knocks.

It’s safe to say there’s really no space in the house that couldn’t be enhanced by some timber. How do you feel about trying wood in your bathroom? If you’re ready to revamp your loo with wood, call into your local Sadolin stockist for the products you’ll need to ensure it’s protected and beautified.




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