Moroccan-inspired garden design

Moroccan design is as diverse as its culture, reflecting the many different people that have lived there throughout the ages. Defined by colourful fabrics, intricate architecture, stunning mosaics, and a comfortable, laid-back aura, Morocco is as elaborate as it is romantic. This summer, inject your garden with some Moroccan flair for a serene sanctuary that’ll be sure to capture the hearts of all of those who are fortunate enough to enjoy it.  The following tips will help you bring some of the beauty of Morocco into your own garden.

1. Feature a mosaic: Mosaics are works of art made by arranging coloured pieces of hard materials into shapes and patterns. These can be made with stone, tiles, or glass, and look great on walls, tabletops, or even on floors. Mosaics are extremely popular in Morocco, and part of the reason the country is so visually colourful! Try a mosaic in your garden for a simple way to liven up your exterior space!

2. Opt for elaborate design: Moroccan design is decadent and elaborate. Unique archways, mirrors, windows, and furniture are all reminiscent of the lively country. For some elaborate design in your own garden, look for interesting features that are full of character. Look for a one-of-a-kind chair, an antique bench, a table that’s extraordinary in shape, etc.

3. Play with colour: Walking through the streets of Morocco is a visual wonderland. Your sights are bombarded with thousands of colours, shapes, and textures, each one more interesting than the next. Bring these explosive sensations into your garden by playing with colour. Don’t shy away from bright, bold colours and don’t worry about matching—part of the beauty of the Moroccan look is that it’s not too uniform, yet it somehow works so well. We love shades like Satin Lilac, Leaf Green, and Mais for use on garden architecture.

4. Choose unique accessories: When it comes to garden accessories—lights, vases, pots, etc—the more detailed the better. Look for lights in interesting shapes, pots with unique etchings, embellished vases in stunning colours, etc. These little touches, though seemingly small, will have plenty of impact

5. Incorporate bold fabrics: Fabrics in bold colours and patterns are a large part of the Moroccan charm. Intricate florals and elaborate patterns in colours that pop will look great in your garden area and will look fabulous when used in pillows, blankets, rugs, and other textiles.

6. Use tiles: Tiles are commonly used in Moroccan floors, and are a perfect addition to your garden pathways or terrace. Installing a tile pathway or terrace is a great way to incorporate more colour into your space. Tiles can also be arranged into patterns for added interest.

Morocco is a country worthy of design admiration, and now, your garden will be too! Follow the above tips for a Moroccan-inspired garden that will be your new favourite hideaway this summer. For more expert advice and design tips, call into your local Sadolin stockist or visit us on the web.

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