Preparing your exterior wood for summer

Now that the warmer days are upon us and summer is right around the corner, it’s time to think about preparing your exteriors for the seasons ahead. Your exterior wood may need some TLC so it can look and function its best during the coming months, and beyond. Below we’ll provide some tips to help you get your timber in top shape for summer.


1. Assess any damage and repair: Check your exterior wood for any damage to the structure or the material. Make sure structures such as sheds, fences, and garden furniture are sound and reinforce any sections that may need it. If the wood is splintered or slightly damaged, you can use our wood filler to make repairs. Obviously depending on the extent of the damage you may have to replace the section.


2. Fortify new/bare wood with our Quick Drying Wood Preserver: The Irish climate gives wooden surfaces plenty of hassle so it’s vital to protect exterior timber as much as possible from the elements. Our Quick Drying Wood Preserver is an ideal water based preservative treatment for interior or exterior wood. It is made for new and bare timber and resists fungal decay & surface mould. Can be applied by brush or by dipping, and touch dry in 2 hours with a recoat in 24 hours.


3. Give timber a gentle cleaning where needed: Exterior timber such as garden furniture, sheds, and fences, will benefit from a gentle cleaning to get them prepped for further treatments or help them to look their best and stay healthy. Dirt and grime can build up and cause damage to wood while also looking unsightly. This can be done with a soft damp cloth and some soapy water (use a gentle soap- like dishwashing soap).


4. Give your exterior timber a fresh coat of paint: A fresh coat of paint will offer protection to your exterior timber while also helping it to look its best. Since you’ll likely be spending more time in your garden during the warmer months, it’s a great idea to spruce up your surrounds. We recommend the following paints.


  • Garden Furniture and sheds: You can’t beat Sadolin Superdec when it comes to your sheds or garden furniture (or really most exterior surfaces). Superdec is a multi Surface, water based, self-priming and versatile finish. Suitable for exterior surfaces including wood, masonry, weathered plastic, cladding & steel.  Superdec provides up to 10 Years Protection and resists cracking, peeling and flaking with its super flexible formulation.  Because of its great plague coverage, it’s ideal for wherever a complete change of colour is required or a surface has become weathered. Touch dry in 2-4 hours.  Recoat in 16-24 hours. Superdec can be mixed to absolutely any colour you desire so the possibilities are endless!


  • Fences: For a gorgeous fence that’s sure to be the envy of the town, look no further than our Shed & Fence paint. This stellar product provides 5 Years Protection for both rough sawn and smooth planed sheds and fences. Shower proof in 30 minutes. Wax enriched water repellent.  Non drip easy application.  UV protection for long lasting colour.  Quick drying.  Available in 5 and 10 litre packs.


Get your exterior wood in top shape for summer with the above tips! Call into your local Sadolin stockist to get started or visit us on the web for more inspiration.

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