Repurposing your garden furniture for winter

Now that the colder weather has arrived, chances are that you’re not spending as much time in your garden. Instead of neglecting your garden furniture until the springtime, leaving it cold and lonely in the shed, why not give it a new lease on life and repurpose it for the winter? The following article will tell you how your favourite summer garden furniture can become your cherished winter feature pieces.

1. Place your slim garden table in the front hallway for some cosy winter ambiance: If you have a slim garden table that will easily fit in your hallway, relocate it and let it serve as a wintertime treat for those who enter your home. We suggest adorning it with a lamp, a seasonal plant or two, your favourite wintertime reads, and perhaps even some special wintertime snacks.

2. Take your garden table indoors to help accommodate extra people over the holidays: Tis the season for Christmas parties and events, so if you’ll be hosting a larger meal you can easily use your outdoor table for additional seating. We suggest either painting it a festive colour—such as our Red Pepper, Mid Green or California Gold—or covering it with a patterned tablecloth for some fun flair.

3. Place your garden side tables by the fire for a convenient blanket and/or firewood holder: Side tables can be just as useful indoors as they are outdoors! For the wintertime, we especially like having them in our living rooms as a stylish storage option for wool blanket, firewood, or other seasonal supplies.

4. Place chairs around the Christmas tree to create a seasonal nook: Christmas trees are one of the most beautiful things to look at, in our opinion. The sparkling lights, the shiny ornaments and the rich array of colours all combine to make an ideal viewing experience. Foster this gorgeous and fleeting site by arranging your garden chairs around your tree. Now you’ll be able to admire in comfort! Like any of your garden furniture, you can easily paint these for optimal festiveness.

5. Use your outdoor stool as an ottoman: Stools are very functional pieces, and can serve as tables, chairs, and yes—even ottomans! Use your outdoor stools as ottomans during the wintertime for a truly relaxing indoor experience. You can even place a cushion on them to make them more comfortable. Now all you’ll need is the perfect pair of slippers…

Just because the time for warm summer barbecues has passed, doesn’t mean you can’t take full advantage of your garden furniture. The above tips will see that your beloved summertime furniture staples will also get plenty of use throughout the winter months. For more helpful tips, call into your local Sadolin stockistor visit us on the web.

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