Simple tips to keep timber healthy all summer long

Your exterior wooden surfaces endure the elements all year long. Just because the summer has arrived, it doesn’t mean they’re any less susceptible to damage—in fact, it’s often quite the opposite. Heat, precipitation and insects are just a few of the summertime inconveniences that can wreak havoc on your timber, so it’s essential to protect it.

The following post covers some simple tips that’ll help you keep your exteriors healthy and happy throughout the season.

Use coasters on wooden surfaces: If weather permits, you’ll likely be enjoying plenty of BBQs with friends and family over the next few months. However, cold drinks have the tendency to sweat in the sunshine, and in doing so emit water that can gradually erode timber. Providing coasters for guests to use will go a long way in combating any potential damage from this.

Cover wooden garden furniture during extreme weather: Tarps and other waterproof covers will help safeguard your garden pieces in case of rain, wind, heat, and other elements. In order to best preserve your timber surfaces, simply cover them if bad weather is expected.

Be sure treat timber with protective coatings: Outdoor wooden furniture should be protected as much as possible—and this begins with careful preparation and pre-treatment. Following this step, use an opaque or translucent timber paint/stain that will provide further waterproofing and preservation. 

Regularly clean timber surfaces to prevent mould and mildew: Dirt, grime, and other built-up particles can make their way into your wood, causing pesky and unsightly dry rot. Prevent this unfortunate occurrence by gently wiping down surfaces with a dry or slightly damp cloth weekly.

Keep wooden furniture in the shade when possible: This tip is especially important if you’re not covering furniture. The sun can dry out wood, creating cracks and splits (think splinters—eek!!), and making it easier for larger breakages to occur. Though Ireland isn’t known for its intense heat, consistent exposure throughout the years can eventually lead to greater issues down the line.

Ensure any water fun takes place away from timber: Everyone enjoys a good squirt gun or water balloon fight on a hot summer’s day. Sprinklers and hoses may also be out during BBQ’s to keep the kids occupied—and that’s all part of the seasonal fun! However, as we discussed earlier, water can harm your wooden surfaces, so try to prevent direct contact if possible. We understand that summertime is all about fun, and we would never want to spoil that for you or the kiddos—just ensure to protect wood with our products before the season kicks off into full gear, and then you can rest easy!

If you’re looking for more professional timber tips, or searching for inspiration for your home, call into your local Sadolin stockist or visit us on the web. Happy summer, folks!

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