Six things to do for your wooden surfaces this year

Can any other material really compare to the brilliance of wood? We certainly don’t think so, and this is why you need to do whatever you can to maintain the health of your wooden surfaces. Let’s make 2019 the year that you give your timber some much deserved TLC. The following article will tell you six important things you can do for your interior and exterior wood this year. 

1. Dust: Over time, dirt and grime can work their way into your wood and cause permanent damage. The best way to prevent this from happening is to regularly dust your wooden surfaces. A feather duster or other gentle, non-scratch solution works well on wood. 

2. Clean: If something has spilled on your wooden surfaces, if they are sticky, or if dirt has had the opportunity to build, cleaning may be required. The key is to clean as gently (yet effectively) as possible. Stay away from all-purpose sprays or other harsh chemicals. Instead, dissolve a small amount of detergent in water and dip a soft cloth (or mop) into it, wringing it out until nearly dry. Use this to wipe the dirty surface and immediately rinse and dry with another soft cloth. 

3. Repair: If nicks, scratches and holes aren’t promptly addressed, they can turn into much larger problems. In order to avoid this, treat your interior and exterior wood with a wood filler. This will fill defects, preventing moisture ingress and ensuring a smooth, uniform surface.

4. Protect: In order to prevent damage to your wood, you should be sure to arm it with a protective coating. Our Quick Drying Wood Preserver is suitable for interior and exterior wood, and dries in two hours. Using this easily-absorbed product on your timber will offer long lasting protection from the elements, and resistance against fungal decay and surface mould.

5. Varnish and stain your interior wood: A quality varnish will greatly prolong the life of your interior flooring. Our varnishes provide excellent protection against scuffs and knocks on your interior flooring, and our stains offer UV protection to prevent colour fade. These can be used on all of your interior timber, including furniture, skirting, doors, tables, cupboards, sills, paneling, shelving, and shelf rails.

6. Stain your exterior wood: Use one of our durable wood stains to offer your exterior timber unparalleled protection from the elements. Whether you want a clear coating or something coloured, we have you covered with a variety of wood stains that will extend the lifespan and brilliance of all of your exterior timber.

The new year offers the perfect opportunity to turn over a new leaf when it comes to protecting your wooden surfaces. For more expert advice everything you need to get started, call into your local Sadolin stockist or visit us on the web


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