Space savvy design ideas for smaller gardens

Your garden is bound to get lots of use with the arrival of the warmer months. It’s often hard to know how to work with smaller gardens, but there is plenty you can do to maximise your outdoor space. Regardless of your garden’s size, the following tips will ensure it’s fun, fabulous and ready for summer.

Use hanging baskets for plants and flowers: If you’re working with a smaller area, work upwards instead of outwards! Hanging baskets full of plants and flowers won’t take up any floor space, but will still add lushness to your garden. Hang these from the outside of your house or shed, or from strong tree branches.

Optimise your shed: If you have a shed, use it to your advantage by maximising its role. Install shelves on the side to display plants, hang baskets full of flowers from it, or use its walls as a base for compact benches where you and your guests can sit.

Create a living wall: Once again, be sure to focus your attention upwards, and display potted plants alongside each other in rows. Use wooden shelves or bookshelves (or even an old wooden ladder!) for the base and paint these a bright colour for an extra dash of fun. Opt for a high quality stain or an opaque paint to complete this lively look.

Opt for benches instead of a table and chairs: Benches work great in small spaces because they provide seating for more people using less area, and their armrests are the perfect places to rest drinks and food. This gives you the functionality of a table in one well-confined package!

Combine colours: With a smaller space, ditch the uniformity. We love a natural look regardless of garden size, but mixing flowers and plants works especially well for smaller allotments. Place any variety of flowers wherever you’d like, the more varied the better! Putting flowers in an assortment of pots (of various sizes and shapes) is also a great design idea for smaller outdoor spaces.

Pot your trees: Enjoy the look of whichever trees you like while ensuring they’re always contained by placing trees in pots instead of directly into the ground. Make a statement with these pots by painting them bright colours or patterns and adding extra interest to your garden.

Summer is right around the corner so it’s important to get your exteriors in tip top shape! Enjoy your garden, whatever the size, with these simple, space-savvy design ideas. For more expert tips and tricks, call into your local Sadolin stockist or visit us on the web.



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