Timber design inspiration from ski chalets

With the colder months here and winter on the horizon, we’ve got cosiness on the mind. When we think of winter weather, snowy mountains come to mind followed by relaxing evenings warming by the fire. One of the most iconic wintertime images has to be the ski chalet. The ideal destination to enjoy wintertime activities—whether outdoors or indoors. Ski Chalets are known for their timber construction, wood being the perfect insulator against the freezing surroundings. The following post looks to ski chalets for inspiration, and provides tips on how you can incorporate some of the style and elegance of these cold-weather abodes.

1. Embrace wooden beams: Ski Chalets are all about wood—inside and outside. Their timber construction means the inside has a very rustic look—exposed beams and wooden surfaces essentially everywhere you look! Sounds like a dream for timber lovers like us J. To get the ski chalet look, incorporate wooden beams into the ceiling of your home. This will give your space a primitive yet stylish charm.

2. Natural wooden walls will give an authentic look: Every inch of a ski chalet is essentially covered in timber. There are some exceptions to this of course (see our next tip), but for the most part this is the rule. From floors and doors to walls and halls, wood is the word that best describes these dwellings. If you’re going for a ski chalet look, natural wood walls are the way to go.

3. Incorporate stone into your home: Along with timber, untreated stone is another material that is used commonly in ski chalets, usually around the fireplace. Stone is a great way to add texture and interest to a space, as well as colour. Because stone and wood are both natural materials, they work well together and create a look that is unrefined and yet somehow elegant in itself.

4. Keep wooden floors exposed as much as possible: Like the walls and the ceilings, the floors of ski chalets are also timber. And instead of carpeting or covering these gorgeous timber floors, they are highlighted and embraced. If you want to get the ski chalet vibe in your home, you should showcase your wooden floors and use rugs—instead of carpeting—when you need soft surfaces underfoot. Be sure to keep your wooden floors properly protected so they will last for years to come.

5. When it comes to furniture, exposed wooden detailing is the way to go: If you want to get the authentic ski chalet look, be sure to incorporate furniture with exposed wooden detailing. Chairs and sofas with wooden frames are right at home in a ski chalet, and can look right at home in your own space when done right.


Who’s ready to hit the slopes? The above tips will get you started in creating your personal ski chalet at home. For all the products you need to protect and enhance your wood, visit your nearest Sadolin stockist.



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