Tips to help make your garden Autumn ready

The summer has drawn to a close, and as sad as it is to say goodbye to the longer days and warmer weather, the Autumn also brings many positives along with it. The chillier evenings provide the perfect excuse to enjoy a warm beverage round a fire, or snuggle up for the night. Luckily, you can enjoy all the above (and much more) from the comfort of your garden. The following post covers some simple ways you can ready you wooden exteriors for the months ahead.

Protect your timber from the elements: Autumn brings with it cooler temperature and rougher weather, with plenty of precipitation on average. These conditions leave your outdoor timber susceptible to damage. Which means it’s a wise idea to shield them with a quality, all purpose coating that will prevent weather damage.

Bring out the blankets: Your wooden furniture may be comfy, but for supreme satisfaction, enjoy the cooler evenings cloaked in a warm rug. If seats are chilly, throw a blanket over them to provide an extra layer of protection and settle in for a nice long chat.

Arrange furniture around the fire: Invite friends over for a night around the fire. Make your contained garden bonfire the focal point of your next gathering and the perfect excuse for a night in. Have friends bring marshmallows or hotdogs to roast on sticks for a classic American autumn cookout and a taste of country camping.  Fire safety is important wherever you are, so always be sure to practice the correct fire protocol.

Make use of light: Now, more than ever, it’s important to have a well-lit garden. With the days getting shorter and the nights seeming even darker, lights can make a huge difference to the look and safety of your garden. They are essential if you want to continue to use your garden to its fullest potential (and lets be real, who doesn’t want that!?). Check lightbulbs and add lamps, lights or string lights for ambiance.

Paint furniture autumn colours: Painting and protecting your outdoor timber furniture is so simple and quick that it makes for a fun activity whenever you’re looking for a change to your garden. Welcome the natural colours of Autumn by painting timber colours such as Autumn Leaf, Redwood, Heritage Oak, or Antique Pine (to name a few).

Though the warm weather of summer may soon be gone, the outdoor fun can live on long into the new season. Follow the above tips for an autumn-ready garden that will be perfect for cooler nights. For even more info, call into your local Sadolin stockist or visit us on the web.


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