Top Scandinavian design trends we’re trying this spring

We love Scandinavian design— and not only because we’re a Scandinavian company! Something about the simplistic decor of this Northern European region has us swooning. Luckily, you can incorporate the best parts of Scandinavian design into your exteriors, regardless of where you live! The following post tells you how.

Opt for monochromatic with flashes of bright colour: Scandinavian design is minimalistic, and that includes the colour palette. Keep spaces simple, with greys and whites, and add a dash of colour here and there to spice things up! We recommend a bright blue to keep things authentically Scandinavian. Our Superdec Satin comes in a wide range of colours, whether you’re looking for neutral or bold.

Functional decor: Scandinavian design focuses on functionality. An easy way to incorporate this into your home or garden area is by investing in multipurpose pieces. This means objects such as a table that can also be used as a chair, or a bench that doubles as a storage chest. Not only will these look good, they’ll be useful and save you space.

Handmade pottery: There’s something lovely about knowing a piece has been handmade with care, just for you. Scandinavian design has an appreciation for pottery, in classic shades (blues, greys, whites), and this is easily workable into your outdoor space. Purchase ceramic planters, vases, and trays to accessorise your garden area and give your potted plants a pretty new home!

Tech Free Space: Scandinavian design focuses on how a space makes you feel. In our busy lives, it’s important to have a sanctuary to retire to, to relax and unwind. Create this peaceful oasis in your own garden by designating it as a tech-free space. Leave the mobile phones, laptops, and iPads inside, and enjoy being one with nature when you’re outdoors.

Lanterns: When it comes to lighting a space, Scandinavian design has turned away from busy chandeliers, to more simplified lighting options. Lanterns have become a favorite way to illuminate an area, and these work as well outdoors as they do inside. Give your garden a uniquely Scandinavian feel by hanging lanterns, or using candlelit lanterns to make the evenings truly glow.

Simple stripes: For a region that loves the monochromatic look, it comes as no surprise that Scandinavian design can appreciate a good stripe pattern. Classic and low-key (yet bold at the same time!), stripes will look great in your garden on pillows and throws.

Feeling inspired yet? Following the above suggestions will ensure you capture the understated elegance of Scandinavian design. For more decorating advice, please call into your local Sadolin stockist or visit us on the web.

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