Transform your garden into a Tuscan retreat

Ahhhhh, Tuscany…….. The food! The wine! The scenery! Is there anything we don’t love about this magical place? We certainly don’t think so! In fact, we’re so enchanted with this Italian region that we’ve chosen to use it as inspiration for our summertime gardens. How can you transform your garden into a Tuscan retreat? The following blog post will tell you how.

Choose native Tuscan flowers: Part of what makes Tuscany so special are its gorgeous florals. In the region, there are numerous varieties of flowers, many times growing wild. Choose flowers such as poppies, wisteria, sunflowers, bougainvilleas, crocuses, and asters (to name a few). Visit your local garden centre and speak to an expert there about which of these flowers might be able to prosper within your home environment. If you find that the above flowers aren’t right for you, simply opt for wildflowers—especially in purple, red, and yellow—to create that Tuscan feel. In addition to these florals, opt for long grasses, vines, and trees (olive if possible!) to set the stage splendidly.

Install a stone walkway and/or a terrace: Whenever we look at pictures of Tuscany, we can’t help but notice the warm, light-brown colour of the majority of the architecture. The most common types of stone in Tuscany are limestone and sandstone, sourced locally from the hillsides. By installing a light stone walkway or terrace within your own garden, you’ll beautifully channel that quintessential Tuscan style.

Opt for rustic wooden furniture: You’ll need a comfortable place to sit and enjoy your gorgeous garden! For this we recommend using wooden furniture. Because Tuscany embraces shades of brown, natural-coloured timber furnishings will mesh perfectly with this particular style of garden. To keep your timber in tip-top shape and protected from the elements, choose Sadolin products. Our woodstains and varnishes will retain the natural beauty of your wood while shielding it from damage. 

Accessorise with terracotta: Terracotta clay is used frequently within Italy, for a range of purposes both decorative and functional. In fact, some of the best terracotta in the world is produced in Impruneta, a town in Tuscany (about 15 km from Florence). Incorporate terracotta into your garden with terracotta planters, sculptures, or bricks. Plant topiaries or small trees within your terracotta treasures to add another level of authenticity to your Tuscan garden.

Create a sensory experience- We’ve covered how to achieve the look of Tuscany within your garden, but what about the smell? Enhance the overall feel of your garden by creating an olfactory experience with fragrant herbs and plants. Lavender is particularly popular in Tuscany, and a great plant to incorporate if your garden environment is well suited for it. Other herbs such as basil, rosemary, oregano, parsley, thyme, mint and sage are fantastic options for your herb garden. These will all combine to produce an experience that’s a delight to the senses!

You don’t have to fly to Italy in order to enjoy its offerings! Add a little bit of Tuscany to your garden with the above tips. For help with all your timber-related needs, call into your local Sadolin stockist or visit us on the web. Ciao for now!

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