Unique ways to inject your garden with colour

It’s the season of BBQ’s and al fresco dining—of longer days and sun-speckled lawns. It’s the perfect time to create a bright and inviting outdoor oasis. This year, prepare your garden for summer by giving it a dose of invigorating colour. The following post will provide suggestions on how you can accomplish this.

1. Make your birdhouses pop: Who said birdhouses have to be dull? Give your flighty friends something spectacular to lounge in by painting your birdhouses bright colours. This will add some interest to your garden area while giving you something fun and fab to look at.

2. Use colourful glass for decoration: Colourful glass looks especially beautiful outside, where the sun hits it, so it’s an ideal decoration for your garden. Incorporate colourful glass in the form of vases, planters, hanging ornaments, lawn ornaments, lanterns, etc.

3. Go bold with your furniture: Painting your outdoor furniture doesn’t take long, so it’s easy to change up your look from season to season or year to year. In our opinion, brighter is better when it comes to your summertime look, so choose vivid shades such as turquoise, yellow, green, blue red or pink. Don’t be afraid to mix and match—doing so will give your garden a playful, fresh vibe.

4. Opt for a coloured umbrella: Provide shade in style, by purchasing a garden umbrella in an exciting colour. Outdoor umbrellas are frequently on display, and can really go a long way towards enlivening a space. Instead of looking for one that blends in, opt for one that stands out and packs a punch!

5. Install colourful lighting: We’re all about the string lights when it comes to evening soirees. Stray away from the everyday options and go for something with colour. This could mean lights with different coloured bulbs (think of your Christmas tree!), string lights in unique shapes (flamingos, chillis, cacti, etc), or something along the lines of rainbow-coloured mini lanterns. You’ll be illuminated and bewitched by these whimsical treats.

6. Paint a feature wall: We love feature walls indoors—so why not take them outdoors too? For a real blast of brightness, paint the wall that faces your garden area a different colour than the rest of your house. Make it pop by going bold, and gain even more amazingness by adding a pattern or other embellishments to it.

7. Make your shed spectacular: Sheds are a great place to get eccentric with colour and accessories. Instead of thinking of your shed as just another storage option—make it into a garden feature! Even if you don’t want to paint your whole shed, you can still inject some colour by painting your shed door and window frames. Installing bright window boxes with lots of colourful flowers will also help your shed pop!

We bet you’re as excited as we are for summer to arrive, and now is the ideal time to get your garden in tip-top shape. Make your outdoors really shine through the strategic use of colour. For even more expert advice and information, call into your local Sadolin stockist or visit us on the web.

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