Decking Stain & Protector

Landscape & Garden Architecture Sadolin Decking Stain and Protector offers the ultimate defence for outdoor decking. The advanced ultraviolet technology gives a more durable finish with optimum adhesion. UV rays activate the formulation as it dries to provide a perfect hard wearing surface. The formulation also contains an algae and mould inhibitor to protect the surface from mould or algal growth. The produce itself is an easy flow formula which makes the application of the product a quick and easy task. All these qualities ensure that our Sadolin formulation provides long lasting weather protection for your decking. Decking Stain & Protector is an innovative formulation, offering the ultimate protection for outdoor decking.  Touch dry 2-4 hours.  Recoat in 4-6 hours.  Available in 2.5 litre packs.  


Golden Brown


Red Cedar

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