Maintaining Wood Surfaces This Winter

The winter is tough on your home, your garden, and especially your wooden surfaces. Frigid temperatures and precipitation can easily erode wood, causing damage and rendering it ineffective. In order to ensure your wooden surfaces last as long as possible, it’s essential to ensure they’re properly protected.

The following tips will guide you in maintaining your wooden surfaces during the harsh winter months.



Mold, mildew and other particles that are left on wooden surfaces for long periods of time will cause deterioration. Regularly cleaning wood will help keep it intact and provide a better foundation for fillers and treatments.



Although wood isn’t necessarily the strongest of materials, it is relatively resilient when treated with care. Fill in splits, holes and rot with a woodfiller. This will help strengthen the wood and stop damage from spreading.


Waterproofing outdoor wooden surfaces is especially pertinent in Ireland where we receive intense amounts of rainfall each year (especially during the wintertime). Wood preservers and treatments that allow wood to repel the damaging precipitation are your best bet for combating island winters.


Protect outdoor timber with a durable, long-lasting Sadolin opaque or translucent product. There’s a wide array of colour options to choose from when it comes to this step, so let your creative juices flow and don’t be afraid to have some fun with it!


It’s a wise idea to cover any relevant outdoor wooden surfaces with a tarp or other waterproof shield. This will offer an additional barrier from the elements and keep your timber safe and happy (even if it happens to be lashing rain).


When the inevitable rain/snow/sleet does fall- and the ice forms—it’s best for wood that you not let precipitation simmer. Make a habit of clearing wooden surfaces and keep the shovel handy for any stubborn areas. When liquid isn’t allowed to sit, it can’t penetrate wood, and therefore never has the opportunity to cause damage.

The winter is a taxing time when it comes to your wooden surfaces, but careful maintenance will help ensure longevity. For more expert advice, visit your nearest Sadolin stockist or visit Sadolin online.

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