Waterproofing your wooden exteriors

We had a wet week the other week when Ophelia came to pay us a visit, and we’re bound to have more wet days (though hopefully not that extreme!) in the future. The days of sunshine and semi-reliable dryness are gone. This means that it’s a wise idea to start ensuring your outdoor timber is waterproofed and prepared for the months ahead.

The following post will cover some suggestions and favourite products for completing this vital job.


Repair any damage to your wooden exteriors: Timber furniture and decks get heavy usage over the summer months, so it comes as no surprise that they can often break, slope, split, etc. Damaged areas are more susceptible to water, and a sloping deck provides the perfect home for puddles to gather and gradually cause problems. Get out your toolbox and mend any obvious issues. Use our woodfiller to smooth out minor defects and give you a smoother, primed surface to work with.

Try our Quick Drying Wood Preserver: When it comes to prep and pre-treatment, our Quick Drying Wood Preserver is especially effective at staving off the effects of precipitation. This easily-absorbed product resists fungal decay and surface mould, which are caused by water. Exteriors will be better protected and stay resilient for much longer when you take the time to do a thorough job.


Choose a quality, multipurpose paint or stain that’s tailored to your needs: We offer a variety of multi-purpose products that guarantee to shield your exteriors while beautifying them. Whether you fancy painting your outdoor timber a new colour, want to keep the natural aesthetic of the wood, or desire something in between—we have your ideal match. Our paints and stains go above and beyond, offering fast absorption, unparalleled protection, and a beautiful finish to look at.

Cover where possible: If you’re expecting heavy rains or simply want to take another preventative measure to lessen waters’ effects, cover eligible areas with a waterproof tarp, after following the above steps. This is especially pertinent for older or more delicate items.


Transfer moveable objects inside: During the cooler months you may not need as much garden furniture outdoors as you do during the summer. If you have the option, store easily-movable objects inside your home or shed, where the rain can’t directly reach them. This is an immediate way to waterproof, though we still recommend coating furniture with the relevant product(s), because dampness can reach timber wherever it lies.

Following the above measures will help make sure your wooden exteriors are waterproofed as best it can be. For tailored advice on all things timber related, call into your local Sadolin stockist or visit us on the web.

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