The Many Benefits of Classic Wood Protection

From outdoor furniture to decks and sheds, protecting your timber will help ensure its longevity and its proper functionality. This is the perfect time of year to prepare your wooden surfaces for the colder months, and our Classic Wood Protection should be an essential step in the process. Here, the experts at Sadolin cover some of the many benefits of Classic Wood Protection.

Classic Wood Protection enhances the look of your wood: Wood is beautiful. For those that don’t wish to cover up the natural appeal of their timber surfaces, our Classic Wood Protection will enhance and preserve its aesthetics while also protecting its integrity.

Classic Wood Protection shields your wood against rot: Moisture, mold and mildew are enemy’s number one, two and three when it comes to your exterior timber. This dangerous trifecta can cause wood to rot, compromising the safety and structure of wood. Our quality woodstain acts as a shield against Ireland’s notorious precipitation, reducing the risk of rot.  A top tip for protection is to make sure you give special attention and extra coats to grain ends.

Classic Wood Protection safeguards against the sun: UV light, not only fades wood, but also damages its cells, reducing its strength and leaving it prone to breakage. This woodstain helps block UV light, and helps wood remain supple. While Ireland isn’t known for its scorching temperatures, consistent exposure to the sun’s rays can result in damage.

Classic Wood Protection is a durable choice for walking surfaces: For timber areas that receive foot traffic, such as decks and pathways, our Classic Wood Protection is a smart alternative to paint. Paint will gradually chip away if constantly treaded on, but our woodstain is absorbed into the deepest layers of the wood, leaving no residue behind to be “chipped.”

Classic Wood Protection keeps timber healthier, for longer: This woodstain penetrates deep into timber surfaces, protecting them from the inside out. Its light texture allows it to fill crevices and coat woodgrains as effectively as possible.

Classic Wood Protection is easy to use: Our Classic Wood Protection is extremely simple to apply, straight to planed softwood, hardwood joinery and rough sawn timbers .   For added protection to planed joinery, use in conjunction with Sadolin Extra Durable Woodstain.

If you’re anxious for your timber to start benefiting from a quality woodstain, the professionals at Sadolin can help you find the one that’s right for you. Call into your local Sadolin stockist for custom, one-on-one support when it comes to your wooden exterior surfaces. Alternatively, you can visit us on the web for further information on our products and wide range of services.

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