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Sadolin - over 200 years of history

The Sadolin story is set in the harsh and unforgiving Scandinavian climate and the roots of this well respected brand can be traced back to 1777 when Swedish born Jacob Holmblad was granted royal permission to establish a textile dye works in Copenhagen. Nurtured by Jacob and handed down through the generations, this enterprise would eventually become a thriving paint and varnish business.

In 1912 Holmblad & Co merged the company with the Sadolin’s Farver company, founded just five years earlier by Gunnar Asgeir Sadolin. This young and experimental businessman was producing wax colours that were inspired by the fresh colours of Egyptian antiquities.

Sadolin has become Ireland's No. 1 Wood Protection brand, and you can find our superior formulations throughout Ireland, at a stockist near you.

Superior Colour Retention

Conventional woodstains tend to fade over over time when exposed to sunlight and adverse weather.

Sadolin's range of specially selected light-filtering pigments promote longer-lasting colours.

Easy Maintenance

There is an increased risk of conventional woodstains blistering and peeling, the longer they're exposed to the elements. If the wood is weathered, before applying a new coat you will have to sand and prepare the wood.

Because Sadolin products are specially developed to weather naturally, applying a fresh coat requires only minimal preparation, reducing time, expense and labour.

Breathable Microporosity

Some woodstains are waterproof – but they can also prevent natural moisture in the wood from passing through. This can make wood swell up, breaking the bond between the coating and the wood.

Sadolin exterior products are designed to form a Microporous ‘jacket,’ which is both waterproof and allows the wood to breathe naturally. The benefit is greater, longer lasting protection for your wood.

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