Rejuvenate your interior woodwork

We’ll all likely be starting to spend more and more time indoors this season so it’s a great time to restore and beautify your interior timber for the months ahead. Rejuvenating your wooden surfaces will not only combat and prevent damage, but it will keep them looking and functioning greater for longer. Below are some of our favourite interior products and how we use them on our interior wood.

Stainable Woodfiller: Use our Stainable Woodfiller as a pretreatment to fix any holes or abrasions to your wood surfaces. It is suitable for all interior and exterior timber.  This products is a two part filler for larger defects and it contains wood pulp, which accepts most convential woodstains for a perfect colour match.  Workable 5 minutes.  Sand and overcoat in 10-15 minutes.  Available in a 350ml pack.

Quick Drying Wood Preserver: This treatment provides powerful protection for your wood surfaces, helping them to maintain their health and appearance for years to come. This product is vital for wood surfaces that may be exposed to dampness or wetness so it would be ideal for timber surfaces in porches, sun houses/ sheds as well. It is an a water-based preservative treatment for interior or exterior wood that resists fungal decay & surface mould. You can apply this treatment by brush or by dipping.  Touch Dry 2 hours.  Recoat in 24 hours.  Available in 2.5 litre packs.

Polyurethane Extra Durable Varnish: Our Polyurethane Extra Durable Varnish is an essential product to use on your interior wood to as it provides excellent protection against scuffs and knocks on interior wood. It is suitable for use on Interior wood and furniture, including skirting, doors, tables, cupboards, sills, panelling, shelving, banisters and shelf rails.  This water based & non yellowing formula is touch Dry in just 1-2 hours, and can be recoat in 2-4 hours.  Available in 1 & 2.5 litre packs.

Polyurethane Floor Varnish: Our Polyurethane Floor Varnish is a convenient one-pack product, offering hard wearing protection to all wooden flooring, including hardwood and softwood boards and parquet.  It is not suitable for laminate flooring. Our formula is water based and touch dry within 1-2 hours, ready for recoating in 2-4 hours.  Available in 2.5 & 5 litre packs.


If you’re looking for guidance on coverage, be sure to check out our helpful paint calculator here. As always, visit your local Sadolin stockists for expert advice on our products and assistance with answering your questions.

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