Seven signs your wood surfaces are in need of some TLC

From your shed to your deck, your windows to your walls, your floors to your furniture, and everywhere in between: wooden surfaces are important elements of any home. In order to keep your home as attractive and healthy as possible, regular maintenance is required –and this includes all timber. Over time, wood, like any material, can loose its lustre and disintegrate. The following post covers seven telltale signs that your wood is in need of repair.

Spongy when touched: If your wooden surfaces feel soft, this could be a result of consistent water damage. In Ireland’s climate, there will certainly be rain, so always be sure to protect your timber with a waterproof finish.

Discolouration, mold and mildew: Once again, moisture can spawn bacterial growth, which compromises the integrity of the wood. If your timber breaks off when moderate amounts ofpressure are applied to it, dry rot could be to blame.

Too much give: Whatever the wooden surface is, if you feel it- it should be hard and sturdy. Boards that sink when you walk on them or walls that appear warped in areas mean it’s time for repairs to be made. Unstable wood can lead to a collapse or other dangerous situations.

Causing splinters: Wooden surfaces are not supposed to shed, so when they do, you know there’s a problem. While wood splinters here and there are natural, timber that causes an over abundance of these needs to be sanded and finished properly.

Splitting: UV rays can dry out your wood over time, rendering it brittle and susceptible to cracks. Smaller splits can easily grow into larger ones and, before you know it, you’ve lost the whole of your timber surface. Prompt reparation of splits or replacement of the effected area, as well as a protective finish, will help wood stay strong (even in the hot Irish sun!).

Woodworm: Woodworm, or wood boring insects, lay eggs which produce larvae that can tunnel into your timber surface and feast on it for years. Sounds delicious, right? Look for tiny round holes, a powdery, dust-like substance and uneven edges to your wooden surfaces.

If it looks bad: Sometimes, you’ve just got to use your common sense. If your wood surface is in need of some love, chances are you’ll be able to tell by doing a simple visual evaluation. Maybe it just needs some new paint, or a fresh coat of stain. Whatever the issue—if you want your home to be as well maintained and as beautiful as possible, give your timber the care and attention it deserves.

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