Common Wood Problems and How to Fix Them

Wood is a timeless material that has countless possibilities. From structures and flooring to furnishings and accessories, timber makes an excellent option for use inside and outside of the home. However, despite its durability and beauty, wood is susceptible to several common problems, ranging from cosmetic issues to structural damage. Understanding what issues may arise and knowing how to address them will help keep your wood items happy and healthy for years to come.

Below, we’ll cover some of the most common timber problems and how you can fix them.

1.  Wood rotting: Wood rot happens when wood becomes too moist, leading to fungal growth that destroys the wood fibers. The solution to this is to remove the affected area completely to prevent the spread. Replace the rotten wood with new, treated wood that will be resistant to moisture ingress. Investigate the source of the moisture and ensure it is eliminated or fixed to make sure this won’t happen again.

2. Water rings and staining: Water rings from glasses or leaks can cause unappealing marks on timber surfaces. These stains can usually be removed by applying a wood oil to the mark and rubbing it gently with a soft cloth before wiping clean. Some people also use a mixture of vinegar and olive oil for a DIY remedy. In severe cases, lightly sanding the area and refinishing it may be necessary.

3. Swelling and warping: Wood swells and warps from moisture exposure and can impact how doors, windows, and drawers function. To solve this problem, aim to reduce the humidity in the area. Using a dehumidifier can help. For swollen doors or drawers, gently sanding the edges to fit the frame again can provide a temporary solution but addressing the source of moisture is vital for a long-term fix.

4. Splitting and cracking: Wood usually splits due to changes in humidity and temperature. Small cracks can be filled with Sadolin Woodfiller, sanded down, and refinished to blend with the surrounding area. For larger splits, you may need to use wood glue replace the affected section entirely.

5. Fading and discolouration: Prolonged exposure to sunlight can cause wood to fade. Applying a wood stain that matches the original colour of the wood can help restore the appearance of faded timber. As always, it’s also important to fix the issue at the source. Using blinds or curtains to limit direct sunlight exposure on the wood will prevent further fading. Make sure your outdoor wood is properly protected with a quality formula that offers UV protection such as Sadolin Beautiflex or our Classic All Purpose Woodstain.

Your timber can last generations with proper care. By understanding how to deal with common problems, you can keep your wood looking its best. Regular maintenance and promptly handling any issues that may arise will keep your wood happy, healthy and beautiful. For everything you need for your indoor or outdoor timber, visit your local Sadolin stockist!

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