How to make your interiors more festive with wood

There’s just something about wood. Not only is it beautiful to look at, it’s effortlessly classic. This traditional material is the perfect accompaniment to your own traditions. We think that wood makes a perfect complement to your interiors anytime of the year, but (in our humble opinion) it is especially lovely this time of the year.

The following blog post will tell you exactly how you can make your interiors more festive with gorgeous wooden pieces. 

Opt for a wooden nativity scene: If you choose to celebrate Christmas and like displaying a nativity scene as part of your celebrations, why not consider one of the many beautiful wooden nativity scenes that are available? These range in size, texture, and colour, and can be sleek and modern or traditional. Best of all, these wooden nativities, when made well and properly taken care of, are extremely durable and can last for decades to come. 

Decorate with a wooden Christmas tree: Who says all Christmas trees need needles? We think displaying a wooden Christmas tree somewhere in your home is a fantastic way to bring some unique cheer to your space. These can be painted or natural, adorned with lights or bare. Use your tree to express your own unique style! 

Display a wooden nutcracker: Nutcrackers are synonymous with Christmas. We believe that every home should have one of these beloved symbols on display around the holidays! Nutcrackers are a great way to bring colour to your space because they come in so many different shades! Plus, these pieces can be useful! Use them to crack walnuts or chestnuts (once they’ve been roasted by an open fire of course!). 

Illuminate your season with a wooden candelabra or candleholder: Getting the right lighting down is key to making your home look cosy and festive this time of the year. Placing candles in a gorgeous wooden candelabra or in wooden candle holders will give your table or room a stylish glow. These pieces can be painted whatever colour you’d like and decorated with patterns to add extra interest. 

Invest in a wooden rocking chair: How picturesque does it sound to sit by the fire in a wooden rocking chair, watching the snow fall and waiting for Santa to arrive? Ok, so maybe there won’t be snow in Ireland this year, but you can still create this perfect holiday scene within your home with the help of a beautiful wooden rocking chair. Ensure your rocking chair is properly accessorized with a tartan blanket for that extra kick of traditional holiday loveliness.

Trust Sadolin to keep your wooden furnishings beautiful and protected for years to come. View our wide range of timber solutions here, and ensure all of your cherished wooden pieces are properly treated with our quality products. Call into local Sadolin stockist for more expert advice and everything you need to get started. Happy holidays from the Sadolin team!

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