Incorporating natural wooden elements in your exteriors

We’ve loved the look of natural wood for a long time, and it’s certainly trending for 2020. We think natural wood is timeless, and incorporating it into your exteriors will add functionality and style to your outdoor space for many years to come. The following are some areas where natural wood can be easily and beautifully incorporated.

A wooden deck: Who doesn’t love a great wooden deck? It’s provides the perfect perch for sunrises, sunsets, and countless activities in between. A wooden deck not only looks classic, it will last for decades to come if it’s treated properly. Don’t let the Irish climate hold you back from exploring all the benefits that a wooden deck can offer you!

A wooden shed: Need some extra storage? Opt for a natural wooden shed for a beautiful addition to your garden. The natural wood will look gorgeous against the surrounding green. Use your shed as a stylish feature within your garden, but also as a storage solution to house an array of tools you may need this winter and into the spring season.

A garden trellis or arbor: Add an element of design to your garden by accessorising with a wooden garden trellis or arbor. These will act as interesting features to your exteriors and help your garden look perfectly polished and put together. We love adding flowers and vines to enhance the look of these and help create a lush look that will be great for spring and summer.

A wooden door: A natural wooden door will help give your home a rustic feel and— perhaps best of all— it’ll match perfectly with any colour of home! White? Green? Blue? Pink? Red? Whatever the shade of your exteriors, we guarantee it’ll be enhanced with a gorgeous wooden door. Further accessorise your wooden door with a bold knocker, stylish house numbers, a unique letter box, a cute window—whatever your style, you can make your door your own. After all, it is the entryway into your beloved home!

Window boxes: Make your windows even more wonderful with window boxes. These can be filled with flowers and plants and help expertly add more colour and interest to your exteriors. A natural wooden window box will match any house colour, is simple to install, and the contents can be changed to match any season or occasion!

Furniture: It doesn’t get more authentic than natural wooden furniture! Whether it’s loungers, chairs, tables, benches, or any of the other great options, these wooden treasures will help create a garden oasis while looking stylish. Practical and pretty? What more could you ask for!

If you’re hoping to upgrade your exteriors, we suggest embracing a classic: natural wood. For all of your exterior and interior wooden surfaces, we recommend our comprehensive range of products. Sadolin products will keep your wood protected from the elements so it can look beautiful for years to come. Call into your local Sadolin stockist for expert advice and everything you need to get you started in the right direction.


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