Inject more colour into your garden with these top tips

A garden that’s filled with lots of colours has the power to transform you outdoor space into a striking visual masterpiece. Create a vibrant oasis just outside your door by incorporating more colour into your garden area. In the following post, we’ll explore our top recommendations for energising your garden through colour.

Plant some seasonal blooms: What are your favourite colours? We’re certain there’s a flower for that! Think of what types of shades you’d like to bring into your outdoor space and select flowers within this colour family that will also flourish within your garden environment. If you want to ensure your garden is as colourful as possible month after month, select a range of different plants that will bloom throughout the different seasons so you’ll always have something lovely to look at. Again, it’s important to research which plants will do best in your local climate.


Choose colourful containers: Your colour palette shouldn’t be limited to the ground. Introducing colourful containers to your garden will add an extra layer of visual interest. We encourage you to experiment with different sizes, shapes, and materials such as terracotta, ceramic, concreate, or vibrant plastic pots. These delightful containers can be filled with plants and flowers and also make the perfect vessels for growing herbs and vegetables. Sadolin Superdec is the perfect formulation for creating your very own colourful containers, a craft which makes a wonderful weekend activity. Sadolin Superdec Satin is a water-borne, highly durable opaque finish for exterior wood, masonry, weathered plastic, cladding & steel. Sadolin Superdec erodes naturally by weathering, ensuring the coating remains flexible and resists cracking, peeling and flaking.


Give your bird house a makeover: Isn’t it time we give something back to the birds? Create a gorgeous palace for your flying friends to enjoy while creating a beautiful feature for your garden. A birdhouse would be a great place to incorporate a pop of colour, so feel free to go bold and bright! Our range of wood-loving products make the ideal option for all your exterior timber, no matter how large or small.


Add a fun trim colour to your shed: A quintessential garden feature, the shed is an excellent place to play with colour. From the walls to the trim, colours will add personality and liveliness. A bold and playful trim colour can instantly transform the look of your shed, creating a visual focal point, drawing attention to its architectural details, and emphasising the unique character of your shed. Take this opportunity to showcase your special tastes.

Turning your garden into a vibrant space can be done with a little creativity and the help of Sadolin products. By following the tips above, you can enjoy a more colourful space that will delight friends and family alike. Call into your local Sadolin stockist for everything you need to care for and beautify your timber. You can also find more inspiration for your interiors and exteriors on our blog.

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