Scandinavian design trends to try this autumn

Scandinavian design is known for its minimalism and functionality—things that we can appreciate in a home any time of the year! The team at Sadolin are especially fond of Scandinavian design because our brand began in Denmark in 1777, when Swedish-born Jacob Holmblad established a textile dye works in Copenhagen. This enterprise would become a thriving varnish business, and eventually merge with Sadolin’s Farver company and evolve into the brand it is today.

We have always been influenced and inspired by Scandinavian design and innovation, and we think incorporating elements of the region into your home is an excellent idea! The following blog post will tell you how!

Grey walls: Grey is seen frequently in Scandinavian design, and is perfect for achieving that clean and fresh feeling within the home. We think there’s a grey to suit any style, so head on over to your local Crown Paints Stockist to find a shade that you love! For a more dramatic effect, go with a deep grey, and if you want a brighter and more classically Scandinavian room, choose a lighter grey.

Simple artwork: Scandinavian design is all about clean lines and minimising clutter. This applies to around the home and to your walls! If you’re going for this type of design, the artwork you choose should be uncomplicated, with clean lines and classic colours.

Natural wooden furnishings: If you take a look at any classic Scandinavian home, you’re bound to find plenty of wooden furnishings. In fact, timber is by and large one of the most beloved materials when it comes to Scandinavian decor. From wooden chairs and tables to headboards and shelves, wood should feature prominently in your home. The good news is– you are bound to find a great timber piece for any room! In the kitchen? Try a wooden dining table and chairs. The living room? Opt for a wooden coffee table. Bedroom? What about a wooden bed frame or storage chest? Make sure to protect and maintain your wooden surfaces with our Polyurethane Extra Durable Varnish.

Indoor plants: No Scandinavian look is complete without some greenery! Bring some of the outside world in with some carefully positioned indoor plants. We love the way plants can enliven a room and immediately make it look more polished. Plus, indoor plants can help purify the air!

Cosy textiles: The Scandinavian winters get quite cold, so Scandinavian design usually features soft and cosy fabrics to warm the body—and the soul! We especially love faux fur in a Scandinavian room. Buy a faux fur blanket to drape over your sofa or stack a few of them in the corner for visitors to enjoy. Keep your feet warm and your interiors styling throughout the year with a plush area rug. For pillows and furnishings, choose soft and cosy fabrics when possible.
Get ready for some quality lounging!

Blue accents: Scandinavian design frequently relies on shades of blue for accent colours. Embrace this trend by adding some blue accessories to your home, or by painting a small space in your home blue. We especially love blue sofas and rugs. As we previously mentioned, grey is great on walls and blue should be used sparingly, as a sprinkling here and there.

Wooden floors: Opt for wooden floors for a truly Scandinavian look. This natural material is popular throughout Scandinavia and has been used for centuries to build homes and create all sorts of gorgeous designs. Keep this tradition alive by embracing wooden floors within your home. Keep them shielded from the elements and as healthy as they can be with our Polyurethane Floor Varnish.

Now, who’s ready to incorporate the Scandinavian trend in their home? We know we are! Call into your local Sadolin stockist for everything you need to protect your precious wooden surfaces.


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