Seven tips to help you make the most of your summer furniture

Summertime has arrived, and your garden will likely be getting plenty of use when the sunshine is out! This means it’s time for your garden furniture to shine, and you’ll want to ensure you’re making the most out of your outdoor accompaniments. Thankfully, we’ve compiled seven tips to help you take full advantage of your garden furniture during this season.

1. Clean and protect furniture: First things first: if your wooden outdoor furniture is going to last (and look great!), you want to make sure it’s properly maintained. This means it should be cleaned regularly and protected against the elements with our Quick Drying Wood Preserver.

2. Cover furniture when possible: As much as we may hate to admit it, the Irish weather isn’t always as mild as we might like. To help make your outdoor timber last, shelter it when possible or cover it with a waterproof tarp. This will help ensure it’s kept in pristine condition and prevent mould and rot.

3. Paint furniture a colour you love: You want to love your furniture, and be tempted to show it off. Painting your wooden furniture is simple, which means it’s easy to change up your look whenever you want. Take some time to choose a colour you love and paint your furniture with our Superdec Satin or our Classic Wood Protection.

4. Use coasters for drinks and barriers for hot plates: Water and heat are two things that can really damage timber. When it comes to your wooden furniture, make sure that drinks are kept on coasters to lessen the threat of water damage, and that any hot plates or dishes are kept on a heat-resistant barrier so that your timber doesn’t burn.

5. Invest in quality pieces: If you’re going to make the most out of your outdoor furniture, you need to ensure it’s comfortable and sturdy. With proper care, wooden furniture can last decades— so it’s worth investing in quality pieces you love to look at, as well as use.

6. Use accessories for added flair: To make your outdoor furniture even more appealing, add accessories like pillows and blankets. Not only will these make your furniture more enticing to look at and sit in, it is a great way to introduce some more colour and pattern into your outdoors.

7. Be aware of the surface you place furniture on: Ideally, wooden furniture should be kept on a hard, dry surface. A deck or terrace would therefore be the best place whenever possible, and a covered area is also a good idea for added protection. Try to avoid damp, grassy patches.

It’s the season of enjoying the outdoors with friends and family! Your timber furniture will help you do just that, and these handy recommendations will ensure it’s kept healthy throughout the coming months. For more inspiration and advice, call into your local Sadolin stockist or visit us on the web.


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