Simple springtime garden inspiration

The spring is here, and—if you’re like us—you can’t wait to get outside. This year, make the most of your outdoor space with the following ideas for a picture-perfect garden.

Make a pathway: A clear-cut pathway through your garden is a simple way to make it looked polished and professional. Add large flat stones leading to your house, or mark a pathway in a more romantic way by using candles or lights to guide your journey.

Plant some flowers: No garden is complete without at least a few flowers, and springtime is the perfect time to get planting! Start readying your outdoor space for the warm months ahead by placing colourful blooms where they’re sure to be admired and appreciated.

Dine in the open air: Dining al fresco is one of life’s simple pleasures, and creating a dining area within your garden is a surefire way to make the most of the spring and summer months. Clear some room for a table and chairs, or a picnic table if space is at a minimum. Again, for any timber surfaces, consider a playful paint job and ensure the pieces are properly finished. Now fire up that grill!

Prepare your furniture: Make sure you’re prepared for visitors and sunshine by creating a nice lounge area outside. Pieces can be accessorised with outdoor cushions for an added pop, and ensure any timber furniture is sealed and protected. A fresh coat of colourful paint is the perfect way to get your garden summer ready!

Hang baskets: Add some more interest to your outdoor abode with hanging baskets. These are especially useful for adding colour within a smaller space. Instead of building outward—build upward!

Master mood lighting: For evenings in the fresh air, outdoor fairy lights, festoon lights, or lanterns create the perfect ambiance. Hang them throughout the garden for an atmosphere that’s sure to impress!

Weed: For the best looking garden, be sure to carefully tend to it, and weed regularly. This will keep plants healthy and happy, and enhance your outdoor experience.

Spruce up your shed: Are you tired of looking at your old and dirty brown shed? It’s time to liven things up! First, make any repairs to the wooden structure: patch up holes, rot, etc, and give it a good clean. Next, give it a fresh coat of paint in a fun new colour! Why not try an eye-catching red for some cuteness, a sunny yellow, or a seasonal green?

If you’re feeling inspired, head on over to your nearest Sadolin stockist for expert advice and help with your outdoor endeavors. You can also visit us on the web for more seasonal inspiration!


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