Summer Deck Maintenance Made Easy

With summer here, it’s due time to get your deck set for the warmer months ahead: outdoor gatherings with family and friends, barbecues, and general enjoyment. Regular deck maintenance is essential to ensure a deck’s longevity and keep it looking great. In the following blog, we’ll provide our expert recommendations to help make maintaining your deck a breeze. With the following advice, you’ll be able to keep your deck in top condition and enjoy a beautiful outdoor space all season long.

Start by giving your deck a good cleaning: Begin by removing, furnishings, accessories, and any noticeable debris from the surface. Next, sweep the area to get rid of loose dirt, leaves, and smaller particles. If your deck is looking a little worse for wear, we suggest using a cleaner that’s specially formulated for decking. Apply the cleaner according to the manufacturer’s instructions and—if necessary– use a scrub brush or pressure washer to get an even deeper clean.

Repair any damage and give yourself a good foundation: Once the deck is dry, examine it for any signs of damage like loose boards or protruding nails and make sure to replace and tighten as needed. For smaller repairs, our Stainable Woodfiller works wonderfully. Sand down any rough spots or splintered areas to give yourself a smooth surface to work with.

Give your deck a protective stain or coating: To protect your deck from the elements, it’s crucial to apply a protective coating or sealer. A high-quality deck stain will help prevent moisture penetration, sun damage, and fading. Look for a product that is specifically formulated for wooden decking.

Our Wet Wood Decking Stain resists peeling and flaking and shields against mould and algae—it’s the perfect option for maximum protection for your wooden deck. This new, innovative formulation enables the application of  the decking stain to wet or dry wood, so there’s no need to wait for your decking to dry after jet washing or considering the unpredictable Irish weather. It’s finally possible to protect your decking at all times!

Make regular deck maintenance part of your routine: Maintaining your deck throughout the summer will prolong its lifespan and keep it looking beautiful. Regularly sweep away debris, especially leaves and twigs, as they can trap moisture and promote mould growth. Avoid using harsh cleaning chemicals that can strip away the finish—instead, opt for gentle cleaning solutions. Consider applying a fresh coat of protective stain or another protective coating at the end of the season to provide added protection before winter arrives.

With proper care and maintenance, your deck will be ready for summer fun and relaxation. Follow the expert advice provided to ensure your deck remains in excellent condition throughout the season. Remember to regularly clean, inspect, and protect your deck to avoid costly repairs and ensure its longevity.

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