Turn your shed into a sanctuary

Ah, the garden shed. Perhaps the most under-appreciated aspect of a garden. It protects, it endures— but does it receive the credit it deserves? We think it’s time to help your shed live up to its full potential. In fact, we don’t just want you to use your shed— we want you to love it! Follow these simple tips to help transform your shed into something special.

1. Start by painting it a fabulous colour: Make your shed look more appealing by giving it a fresh coat of paint. This will help uplift the entire look of your garden! Red sheds are always nice to liven up a dull garden, a blue shed will look sharp, and a classic forest green shed will look great against the Irish foliage.

2. Make any repairs to the structure: If you want to take advantage of the extra space your shed has to offer, you’ll need to make sure you have sturdy foundations to work with. Repair any holes (these can cause leaks that can damage stored items and expand over time) and ensure it’s as insulated as it can be so you can enjoy it well into the winter months.

3. Clean, downsize, and organize: Chances are there are loads of bits and bobs in your shed that you haven’t used for years/decades and will likely never use again! It’s time to say goodbye to those things with a massive clear out. Items that are still in working order can be sold or donated. Once you’ve gotten rid of all non-essentials, clean your shed— shelves, floors, everything— and organise it. Items should be stored neatly and confined to one area of the space so you can use the rest of the area for other things.

4. Furnish with comfortable seating: In the open space, put some chairs and/or a couch where you can lounge. This will be a nice area to go to when you want a quiet escape, wish to be close to the outdoors but a bit more sheltered, or when you’re waiting for food to cook on the outdoor grill. You might want to consider weather-proofed furniture in case it gets damp.

5. Add a table and other accessories: To make your shed more useful as a sanctuary, make sure it has a table or two for you to rest items on. This will make your shed appear more like an interior room and will make the perfect perch for plates and glasses should you want to enjoy a meal in your shed. An outdoor rug also works well to help insulate and help the space look more stylish. Keep a blanket handy should you want extra insulation on a cooler day/night

6. Liven it up with artwork: Like any space, taking the time to add some interest to the walls will really make it feel complete. Add some artwork or photographs to the walls of your shed to make it feel more “homey”.

7. Get a few battery powered lights to make it glow: You don’t want a dark shed, so illuminate it by installing a few battery-operated lights. For even more mood lighting, hang some string lights!

Sprucing up your shed will make your whole garden look complete. For all you need to get started, call into your local Sadolin stockist or visit us on the web.

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